Meet Lynn Laumann

Lynn Laumann

I am an experienced professional photographer specializing in graduating seniors and families.. My studio is located in historic downtown Chaska. I do wedding photography, business head shots, special events photography, pets, sports packages, proms, and any other special requests.

Capturing what you Love

I love photographing people. From newborns to graduating seniors and from wedding days to retirement parties. I love people and photographing them is my gift. Maybe what you love is your children or your family pet. I want to capture the love you feel for them. Maybe you love your business and how hard you have worked to achieve your success. I want to capture that and help you grow even further. I want to help you show your products, services, employees, and everything that goes into what you love to do.

Maybe you love a special car or your home or even a special place that is meaningful to you. Let me capture your love and give you something to enjoy, share, and cherish. This year I want everyone I work with to Hang Some Love On The Walls!


I love the look on a 17 year old’s face when they see their senior photos and really notice how beautiful and amazing they are. I love the tears from a mom who picks up her proofs from a session and tells me I really captured her children and she loves her photos. I love watching a business website transform as the images I created really show off the business and the people. I love watching a photo of a rescue dog blow up Instagram or Facebook as I bring more awareness to this one animal, this rescue, and adoption itself.

My favorite things

A little about me. I am not a very picky person and certainly not fancy but I love everything beautiful! I love nature and this amazing place God created! I love soft amazing light in the early morning and evening. I love children and families and the love I see when I am blessed with the opportunity to photograph them. Speaking of families, I love my three kids and my fur-baby Alfie. My three kids are all grown but still in that stage where they need me. Love that!

I love visiting new places and camping at a new campground but also love the feeling of a familiar camp site on Lake Superior I have been to a dozen times and the last part of a car drive when you are almost home. I love music of all kinds but especially 70’s music. I love reading and learning and knowing that I get a little smarter every year even if it is just because I learned something the hard way. I love people, I mean I really do. I have just one goal for 2017 and that is to give more. Thank you for stopping by my site and feel free to browse at all the beautiful images, and please call or email me with any questions!

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