Are you losing business because of one simple thing?

What is the value of your business portrait image?

Have you ever searched for a website to consider doing business with a company only to move on to the next website because of a business portrait that you didn’t like? Maybe it just didn’t feel professional enough or maybe it was a photo that looked a little shady? You thought to yourself “no, not this one.” Or “I am not using this guy”. Sound familiar? So how does your head shot look? Does it show who you are? Does it represent your passion and expertise? If not you could be losing business from this one simple thing. A poor business photo.

Maybe you even know of a great business that you use all the time. The owner is fantastic and the service outstanding. You recommend them and feel confident that it is a good referral. But their on line presence doesn’t show them the way you know them. You can help them by recommending they get a professional business portrait. It’s 2019 and on line presence matters. A new business head shot can increase your business and sales!

Does getting a new business photo feel overwhelming?

No worries! I offer a complimentary consultation at your location or at the studio and we can discuss how to easily get it done. I can help you figure out the easiest way to get an updates look to show off your business or make you look great. You have a great business and you put your heart and soul into it. Let’s show that off! Don’t let your old business head shot make you lose business! Need more information? email me at Or check out some of my photography I have done for other awesome businesses!