Help me, help you love your photos!

I have been looking over images from last year and thinking about what made sessions successful while producing fantastic photos. Coming prepared is your best plan! Make sure you bring your clothing wrinkle free and on hangers. You will look more polished and feel better because when they come wrinkled and stuffed in a bag it’s more work for everyone. Come rested and ready to be photographed so we can get started on your session right away. Once you get in your groove fussing with hair, make up, or nail polish is a huge distraction.

Pro tip: if you regularly wear glasses consider have the lenses removed for your session. Glasses glare can throw off even the best of lighting and dull your beautiful eyes! If you take your glasses to your optomotrist, they will be able to remove and replace the lenses for you.

Your outfit looks and feels more complete with a belt, the right shoes, or accessories so make sure you have everything you need. Also if you want your basketball or something special that is impotant to you have it by the door so you don’t forget it! Remembering all of the extra details can really create a special session. Come just a few minutes early so you don’t feel late or rushed and we have a few minutes to chat about the session before we start. I want you to love your photos and you will even more if you come prepared and let me capture your best you!