Networking to build real relationships

The trend in 2020 for business is real connection.

More people than ever are connecting in real ways through social events and volunteering, creating meaningful and genuine relationships. The same is true for businesses and entrepreneurs. Networking events are growing in popularity as people seek out ways to make genuine connections and build relationships with others in business.

I attend many events each month through local Chambers, BNI, AGC, and other business groups, and these real connections are the foundation for my B2B business. I see the same people at various group events and get to build on those connections every time I see them. I meet new people that I can help or refer to others in business that will be a good connection for them. The more I get to know these business people the more I can serve them or help their business. I even create business events so I can help bring people together.

I know a guy!

We feel more comfortable using a business when we know the people working there. You are more likely to call someone for a service that you have worked with at a fundraiser or served with on a board and you know them and their values. You are probably more likely refer someone’s business that you see often because that trust is solid. Real connections create business!

If you are not part of a local Chamber of Commerce, A BNI group, or you aren’t a member of AGC or another networking group give it a try. Most of the time you can visit a group or event once or twice before you decide if the group is a good fit! Organizations like Rotary, Lions, and other service groups are another great way to build relationships with other like minded business people in your area. It is recommended you are a part of an industry group where you can learn and grow with others in your industry. If you are a photographer go connect with other photographers at a PPA group. Need some ideas for groups in your area? Go to and put in there area you want to find groups in. Check my events page on facebook I usually have a fun Lunch and Learn on the calendar!