Senior session tips for the class of 2018! What do I bring to my senior photo session

Summer is here! It’s time for senior photos and that means making a few decisions about having senior photos taken.

One of the things that can be confusing and I get a lot of questions about this is “what do I wear for my photos?” “What do I bring to my senior photo session?”

So my first tip is a big one….. Try it on before you bring it to your photo session.

It only takes a few minutes but try it all on before you come to photos, especially if it is new but even if you have had it for years. Maybe you loved it last time you wore it but please try it on before you come. Maybe there is a stain you never noticed. Maybe you will try it on and realize it won’t be good for photos. It might need a button sewn on or needs to be ironed. I do recommend you bring things you already love and have in your closet, but quick try them on to be sure they are ready for photos. Clothing you have to fuss with a lot, that is uncomfortable, that needs a lot of adjusting, are not good choices for a photo session. Also clothing that is low cut, revealing, or really short can make posing for photos a challenge.

Have one item that is long sleeved.

I know it’s hot and summer weather, but what if you bring four short sleeve tops and then realize you don’t like your arms or you want something more conservative later, that can be disappointing. Photographers know that arms can be unflattering on even the thinnest person because of angle and posing. I always recommend one long sleeve for variety alone, if anything else! To add to that, pants are easier to pose in, and overall look better on boys and girls, than shorts. Senior poses may involve sitting and situations that aren’t great for shorts. But ultimately it’s up to you to choose the clothing you love!

Solids photograph best.

It might be hard to find but solid colors look better in photos. Prints, stripes, and busy patterns, can be distracting in your photos. Bring at least one item that is solid in color. The color black photographs great and is slimming, and white can look too bright and look unflattering. Most people have some idea what colors look best on them but if you need help choosing colors your photographer can always help you decide.

Wrinkles and dog hair might show! I know it’s easy to just throw something on that’s a little wrinkled to go out but it might show in your photos and you might not like that. Take a few minutes to make sure your clothes are clean, wrinkle free, and on hangers and ready for your session, the day before. If you need help, a parent or grown up would be glad to help you make sure your clothes are looking great!

Bring what goes with your clothes.

You may need a belt for those jeans you love or a special undergarment for that backless dress. Be sure to bring everything that goes with wearing that outfit including your coordinating shoes and jewelry. It’s okay to bring more than you need and is much better than forgetting something you really needed.

Have your hair and make up complete when you arrive but do bring your make up, hair straighteners, and hair products, just in case you need to touch up! You may need to powder for shine or reapply lip gloss, so be sure to bring all your personal stuff with you.

Always bring at least one extra outfit. A back up. When in doubt you should be able to call, text, or email the photographer with any questions you have so you feel ready for photo day.