Swedish Pancakes and Lingonberries

Seems like a crazy Blog Post title but it will make sense, stay with me. This morning I was making some Swedish Pancakes. A recipe passed down for generations on my mom’s side. I make them a lot because I always have the ingredients on hand and they are so quick and easy to make. I also love to eat them. I reached in the fridge for the jar of Lingonberries to put on top and noticed I had two jars. One was the most recent that I had purchased for $6.00 and the other was a jar that was only $3.99. Now two dollars isn’t a lot of money, and then maybe it is. I had bought two for $3.99 months ago and they were just not good. It ruined the pancakes and I ended up throwing the first jar in the garbage. The second one is on it’s way there as well. I started thinking about other things that are worth the money you pay and trying to get a better deal doesn’t work. I get my hair professionally colored. I have tried the box color at home and it looked terrible and quite frankly ruined my hair. It is worth the money to pay Tina to make me look great. She is a professional and I trust her. I then thought about photography and how it has drastically it has changed over the years. Cameras are easier and more affordable then when I started and everyone has a decent camera. So why hire me? I see posts on social media advertising sessions and all the photos for as low as $15. How is that possible? To be honest I have looked at the photos these people take and I think they aren’t worth even that. If you are paying for family photos it seems strange to me to spend hundreds on new clothes and accessories, take half a day off of work, wrangle all your kids together and spend a ton of money framing a photo that only cost you $15 or maybe $50. Why isn’t the photography, the photographer, and the photo just as valuable? I have kids and I have done family photos and I would have paid a lot to make sure I loved the photos and I didn’t have to do it again another day to get what I wanted. I think what people forget is that the camera is a tool but there is more to it. First of all I have really nice cameras and lighting and everything I need to do the job well but I do this every day, full time, so I have a lot of experience doing my job of getting great images while working with all kinds of people of all ages. It can be really challenging but it is always super fun.  I love my job and I think it shows, but most of all I am really skilled and experienced, and I do have a gift for photographing people. So am I worth paying a little more? Are other professionals worth the money? I think so and I think a lot of other people think so also. I mean if you are having a wedding and spending thousands on food and alcohol and hundreds on a dress and flowers and let’s face it, just a ton of money total on the entire event, then why aren’t the photos worth what a really great photographer is charging? 15 years from now isn’t that what is left? The wonderful images of the best day of your life? I am a photographer. I want to do my very best to take great photos of you and your family. I want you to love your photos and enjoy and share them with friends and family. I hope you can see the value in what I charge as a professional running a business, and choose me for family photos, senior pics, or an event like a wedding. I know other people have cameras and might charge a little less but you will have a great time and love your photos and I get to do what I love.