What is your style?

What is your style?

There are several different styles of head shots that you see on LinkedIn and on other social media platforms and on websites. The first is Classic which is typically a studio portrait on a gray or neural backdrop and it feels straight forward and conservative. The pose is slightly angled and face towards the camera with a smile or even a neutral expression.

The second is contemporary which is still usually a studio portrait but with a more current and trending feel and the subject feels a little more connected. The pose is possibly more intentional with a lean towards the camera and the expression can be more expressive.

Environmental is where the subject in their environment or in an environment that suits them professionally. A physician with the exam room as a backdrop. An attorney at his desk in the office or even outside a courthouse. A writer in a coffee shop with a notepad or laptop. A real estate agent outside an amazing home or in the entry way of a house. These images create more of a story of what this person does. The pose can vary and expression suits the persons job.

The 4th style of head shot is branding and these images should really tell the story of what a business person does and who they are. You should feel the connection and the passion for their trade. They may be anywhere that tells the story or shows their style. A insurance agent in front of a lot full of cars, a life coach in a peaceful setting like nature, or even a speaker at a podium speaking to a group. What style business portrait is right for you?