Tempted to use stock photography? Creating authentic marketing images is your best decision.

If you are an entrepreneur, own a small business, or work in marketing with any company, you know that today’s advertising and marketing contain images and photos.

Now more than ever great photographs are used to create immediate interest and make your unique brand stand out against all the others. Images are used to show who and what, or where and why. With so many decisions made on mobile devices about where to go out for dinner, buying homes, purchasing products and so much more, the photos used in marketing are critical.  Some businesses opt to use stock photos that can be purchased on-line on websites that sell images individually or at a monthly fee.

Stock photography may be tempting but often you can’t find exactly the image you need that gives the message you are trying to convey.

Images may have been used in other places and that may give a feeling of being unauthentic. At the very least a stock photo isn’t truly showing your unique business, service, or product. It doesn’t show your people doing what makes your business special. The cost of stock images can also add up quickly to become very costly. Hiring a professional photographer to photograph your business, service, employees, or product ensures you can properly represent what you are marketing. Whether it is printed pieces, social media images, or website photos, you will speak your message more clearly with original unique images captured for you and your business.

A professional photographer with the highest quality equipment and experience will creatively show your business and give you the authentic feeling your marketing needs in today’s market.

A pro has the expertise to choose the angles and lighting, and to process images to the specs and file sizes needed. Do you want to dramatically improve your on-line presence in 2019? Call my studio today for a complimentary business consultation that will help you assess your business needs and create a plan for creating a photo session for dynamic images that show off your business!