What does your photo say about your business?

Take a look at your own website. Hopefully there is a photo of you on it whether you are the owner, sales person, or any one who is a part of the business. Examine the photo and ask yourself if the photo is a good representation of your business or service. Is it old and outdated or is it current? Is is dark, blurry, or hard to see or is it clear and visible? Is it friendly and professional or is it candid and maybe even unprofessional? If your business is trending and successful shouldn’t the photos look that way? If your service is caring and compassionate shouldn’t your head shot look the same? If you have the latest updated and sought after products shouldn’t your photo look new and your style current?
Don’t let a photo affect your ability to turn a website visit into a customer. Be sure that when someone is visiting your site they are looking at who they are going to be doing business with. Do you need your photo updated so it matches the vibe of your awesome business? If your photo is more than 5 years old it can make people feel thrown off when they meet you. That isn’t the first impression you want to make! Is it outdated with a 90s studio back drop or your hair isn’t even what is in style? Did someone snap a photo of you with a cell phone that isn’t a profession photo? Are you standing against a wall like a mug shot? What more do I need to say? Set up a complimentary business head shot consultation at your location or the studio. I can help you navigate where to begin and help create an easy session so you can create the image that increases your positive impression on all social media platforms and your website. This can help you successfully increase your business and revenue! Not sure about all of this? Ask a trusted friend, client, or network member to check your image and give you honest feedback about your photo. I can be contacted at lynnlaumann@gmail.com